Vote For Me

Hi it’s Josh again and today is school voting day I have a really big fear of public speaking but these are the things I am good at: I’m good with Technology and I really like drawing but I really  really really don’t want to be a leader. Either way I will still try my Read More…

2016 Film Fest

Hi it’s Josh again and today at school I went to a Film Fest starting all the grade sixes and their videos. To me the best video was Happiness. It sent a really good message that said helping people helps you more than you helped them. It was really good because in the story it Read More…


10 Prefixes This is a list of prefixes Dis-like Un-like Anti-biotic Micro-scope Sub-marine Over-population In-visible Inter-national Dis-order Dis-advantage ✌🏼️Out Peeps

The Olympians party day

Today for two sessions we played basketball. it was a cool game but I lost both rounds. There was four teams and my team did a good job but we still lost both rounds, it was a close game though. See ya peeps and ✌🏼️Out

Bazanatle Party Day

Howdy peeps it’s me Josh Today we had a party at school, first we played kick ball and then we had chips and fruit and chocolate it was such a day and it was really fun. Holefully evey day is like this because it was such a party. See Ya peeps and stay cool ✌🏼️Out.


Hi my names Josh and today I’d like to welcome you to my blog and I will post things like Maths, English and most of all I love writing books so I might post some of the things I write. Thanks and in this world well let your imagination take you on a journey where Read More…


Leadership, leadership is sort of like being a prime minister you have to lead what ever you were voted for. Leadership is a very big job you need to be very wise and make the right choices or who ever your ruling may have a hard time respecting those rules. Leadership isn’t all about having Read More…